November 28 2005

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November 28th, 2005 (November 28 2005)DeathMarc Lawrence, American actor (born in 1910)
November 28th, 1985 (November 28 1985)BirthCaitlin McClatchey, Scottish swimmer
November 28th, 1975 (November 28 1975)EventEast Timor declares its independence from Portugal.
November 28th, 1975 (November 28 1975)EventAs the World Turns and The Edge of Night, the final two American soap operas that had resisted going to pre-taped broadcasts, air their last live episodes.
November 28th, 1975 (November 28 1975)BirthSigurd Wongraven, Norwegian musician (Satyricon (band))
November 28th, 1975 (November 28 1975)BirthEka Kurniawan, Indonesian writer
November 28th, 1965 (November 28 1965)EventVietnam War: In response to U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson s call for "more flags" in Vietnam, Philippines President Elect Ferdinand Marcos announces he will send troops to help fight in South Vietnam.Philip Johnson Quotes
November 28th, 1965 (November 28 1965)BirthErwin Mortier, Belgian author
November 28th, 1965 (November 28 1965)BirthMatt Williams, American baseball player
November 28th, 1955 (November 28 1955)BirthAlessandro Altobelli, Italian footballer
November 28th, 1955 (November 28 1955)BirthJeffrey Byron, American actor
November 28th, 1955 (November 28 1955)BirthAdem Jashari, Albanian freedom fighter
November 28th, 1945 (November 28 1945)DeathDwight F. Davis, U.S. Secretary of War and donor of the Davis cup (born in 1879)
November 28th, 1935 (November 28 1935)BirthPrince Hitachi, Japanese royalty
November 28th, 1935 (November 28 1935)DeathErich von Hornbostel, Austrian musicologist (born in 1877)
November 28th, 1925 (November 28 1925)BirthJozsef Bozsik, Hungarian footballer (died in 1978)
November 28th, 1915 (November 28 1915)BirthEvald Okas, Estonian painter
November 28th, 1915 (November 28 1915)BirthYves Theriault, Quebec author (died in 1983)
November 28th, 1915 (November 28 1915)DeathMubarak Al-Sabah "The Great", Emir of Kuwait (born in 1896)
November 28th, 1905 (November 28 1905)EventIrish nationalist Arthur Griffith founds Sinn Fein as a political party with the main aim of establishing a dual monarchy in Ireland.
November 28th, 1895 (November 28 1895)EventThe first American automobile race takes place over the 54 miles from Chicago s Jackson Park to Evanston, Illinois. Frank Duryea wins in approximately 10 hours. Evans Quotes
November 28th, 1895 (November 28 1895)BirthJose Iturbi, Spanish pianist (died in 1980)
November 28th, 1815 (November 28 1815)DeathJohann Peter Salomon, German violinist, impresario, and composer (born in 1745)
November 28th, 1805 (November 28 1805)BirthJohn Stephens, American archeologist (died in 1852)
November 28th, 1785 (November 28 1785)EventThe Treaty of Hopewell is signed.
November 28th, 1785 (November 28 1785)BirthAchille Charles Leon Victor, duc de Broglie, Prime Minister of France (died in 1870)
November 28th, 1695 (November 28 1695)DeathGiovanni Paolo Colonna, Italian composer (c. 1637)
November 28th, 1695 (November 28 1695)DeathAnthony Wood, English antiquarian (born in 1632)
November 28th, 1675 (November 28 1675)DeathBasil Feilding, 2nd Earl of Denbigh, English Civil War soldier (c. 1608)
November 28th, 1675 (November 28 1675)DeathLeonard Hoar, American President of Harvard University (born in 1630)
November 28th, 1585 (November 28 1585)DeathHernando Franco, Spanish composer (born in 1532)
November 28th, 1095 (November 28 1095)EventOn the last day of the Council of Clermont, Pope Urban II appoints Bishop Adhemar of Le Puy and Count Raymond IV of Toulouse to lead the First Crusade to the Holy Land.

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